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Let AVX Help You Pick an Antenna

November 12th, 2019

With all of the advantages of wireless communication becoming incorporated into so many devices, it is critical that you pick the right antenna for your design.

AVX is a leader in antenna solutions and your selection begins with a few simple questions:

  • IS THIS A NEW DEVICE OR AN EXISTING DEVICE TO BE IMPROVED? Are the mechanics frozen or flexible? Is the antenna location, shape and interconnect solution frozen? Standard antennas have a quicker time to market compared to custom designs making it easier to integrate them into projects, while minimizing redesign cycle time and eliminating design fees. A custom design can be developed to match required electrical and mechanical specifications.
  • WHAT TYPE OF ANTENNA IS REQUIRED? • Embedded (on board the device PCB) • Internal (inside device, but not surface mounted) • External (outside device) • Outdoor (IP67)
  • WHAT ARE THE MAIN CHALLENGES FOR THIS PROJECT? AVX offers testing, debugging, designing, and manufacturing to solve challenges including: • RF specifications • ME specifications • Design layout • Antenna integration • Surrounding interference, etc.
  • IS A SPECIFIC STANDARD REQUIRED? • Automotive (PPAP, AECQ-200, IATF16949) • High reliability (MIL-PRF, T-Space, SRC9000, etc.) • IP rating • UL rating • Plenum rating, etc.
  • WHAT ARE THE ANTENNA SURROUNDINGS? • Metallic components (heat sink, connectors, battery, big cap) • Additional antennas • Wires • Flexible FPC • Audio components (speaker, microphone, earpiece) • High speed digital traces • Specific ground layout • Shield boxes • Material loading close • Human body (hand, head, body worn device) • Potting material • Nearby power components • 50 Ohms line to antenna
  • WHAT IS THE DESIRED FREQUENCY RANGE, MAXIMUM VOLUME AND LOCATION? Are the electrical and mechanical specifications available, and what is the selected antenna module? When a bigger antenna volume is available, better performances can be expected. The AVX Antenna Design Team will suggest the most optimized antenna shape, dimensions, and location based on the product to be developed.
  • WHAT TYPE OF MOUNTING IS REQUIRED? • RF cable & connector • SMT • Mag mount • Adhesive mount • Screw mount • Off-board • Pogo pin • C-clips (spring contacts) • One-ended soldered cable
  • WHAT TYPE OF CONNECTOR IS REQUIRED? • SMA • RP-SMA • TNC • RP-TNC • U.fl • W.fl • Fakra • MMCX • BNC • N • NMO WHAT TYPE OF CABLE IS REQUIRED? • Micro coaxial 0.8mm, 1.13mm, or 1.37mm diameter • RG58 • RG174 • RG316 • LMR200 • LMR400 • LMR195 • LMR240
  • FOR AN EMBEDDED SOLUTION, IS PCB CLEARANCE POSSIBLE? Is the PCB layout available to optimize the distance between the radio and the antenna, and the space from any threatening surroundings?
  • ARE THE PCB LAYOUTS & 3D GERBER FILES AVAILABLE? Helps to define a better antenna placement based on the surroundings and the PCB/product structure

Let the team at CFE-MacInnis help you pick the right antenna for your design.  More information can be found at the AVX Antenna Selection Guide from the link below.

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