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Sensata’s New DRMS Hybrid Motor Starter

DRMS Series Hybrid Motor Starters are intelligent and convenient solutions for controlling 3-phase asynchronous motors. These compact devices can provide up
to 6 functions in the same unit: Forward/Reverse, Soft Start/Soft Stop, Motor Overload Protection, and Mains Isolating Relay.
Motor overload detection is based on a thermal load curve. The relays are de-energized when an overload condition is present, ensuring a long service life.

Check out this quick video highlighting the features and benefits to Sensata’s DRMS product:

Sensata’s DRMS Video

Can You Proactively Design to RTCA DO-160 and EUROCAE ED-14? Quell Can Help!

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Don’t do yourself the disservice of designing in the dark – download Designing Aeronautics for EMC and shed some light on the important details.

In the early days of aerospace environmental testing, products would fly through with relative ease. Things changed with  the advent of semiconductors, computer software controls, highly complex aircraft systems, high power and high frequency transmitters. 

Designing Aeronautics for EMC helps you to avoid costly redesigns and testing delays by providing you with critical EMC considerations during the early design stage. The whitepaper reviews design items such as:

• Coupled Energy 
• Filter Design 
• Location 
• Components 
• Shielding 
• And Much More! 

DOWNLOAD Design Form Here


CFE-MacInnis has a new home on the world wide web

I am excited to share with everyone that CFE-MacInnis has a new website.

We had two primary goals in mind when we started the process of updated our web page:

  1. Enhance the overall brand of the organization that includes an improved showcasing of our principals.
  2. Create features that will allow the website to be more functional as a sales tool for the team.

Although we are already planning further enhancements, I am extremely pleased with the results as they exist today.

Our new web page is but one example of CFE-MacInnis’ willingness to invest in the tools required to drive new sales on behalf of the manufacturers that we represent.